"I love walking into a space and seeing its potential. I take the time to understand my customer's lifestyle, dreams and desires for their space...this is when the magic happens! "

Hi there! My name is Angie Crowne, and I am the founder, owner and designer of Interiors To Move You LLC, a design, interior decor and color specialist based in Willow Glen, San Jose, CA.

In 2010, my husband was asked to take a position with his employer in California. It was an opportunity we could not resist, so, with our two children and two cats, we packed up our belongings, waved goodbye to our home in England, UK, and headed to the states to start the next chapter of our lives.

I have moved 11 times in my life, so am no stranger to what setting up a new home takes. Moving across the pond was an adventure for my family, but it also meant yet another house move. After moving home so many times, I understand very well the challenges homeowners face when trying to make their new place feel like home, or trying to make their old house as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

I have made every place I've lived my own. Whether it was rearranging my bedroom furniture as a little girl or completely redesigning and remodelling my adult houses from the roof down to the crawlspace, I have always been excited and fulfilled by home design.

In 1994, my husband and I purchased a new build. We loved the floorplan, but its standard finishes had me itching to add our personalities and make this new house really feel like our home. My head was spinning with ideas. Working every moment around our day jobs over the next year, my husband and I implemented my vision for our brand new house. It was then that I first realized my passion for design, and I have redesigned and remodeled every one of our many homes since.

After completing my last whole home redesign/remodel in 2018, I realized that I was not ready to stop designing even though there was nothing left to do in that house. I wanted to help others create beautiful homes too and was ready to pursue my life-long passion full-time. Being a hobbyist wasn't going to cut it. I already had over 25 years of experience in redesign, but I wanted to offer my clients truly professional design services. I studied for formal certifications in redesign, color and home staging, undertook training with some of the top and most intensive and extensive professional redesign, color and staging courses in the USA. I continue to further my design education, striving to always advance myself both personally and professionally to better serve my clients.

My British roots and my love for travel, European, and world art and culture has always inspired me in my design projects and has helped me to broaden my design vision beyond the popular trends and ideas that people aspire to have in their homes. I take a personalized approach to every client that I work with and help them to create their dream space. I take the time to get to know my clients and help them discover their style, transforming their spaces so they are perfect for them. All my designs are customized entirely to reflect my clients' personalities, goals and aspirations without compromising functionality or breaking the budget.

I believe in education, and want my clients to feel empowered and part of the design process. Teaching my clients the "whys" helps them to feel invested in the process, and makes them feel good not only about the outcome, but also the design journey.

In addition to custom design and color services, I offer remote/e-design so my clients can benefit from the help of a design professional at a fraction of the cost of a full design service. My other areas of expertise include DIY home staging consultancy, short, medium and long term furnished rental design and staging, and home office design. Both in-home and virtual consultations are available.

Whether you are a homeowner who is looking to turn your home design aspirations and desires into reality, or a seller or landlord wanting to achieve top dollar for your property, I have the vision, solutions and skills to create the Interiors To Move You!

Proudly serving San Jose and surrounding areas including Willow Glen, Rose Garden, South and West San Jose, Cambrian Park, Campbell and Los Gatos.

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What People Say About Me...

It was a pleasure working with you!

You really are amazing. It was not easy as I don’t share your talents for folding and draping but was worth every moment learning the tricks. Excited for the pictures! Thanks for your kindness and patience and fairness in the charges.

Home Seller: Barbara Baccari, Danville, CA.

Services: "In The Know" DIY staging consultation and virtual "Team Up" staging

You will love Angela!

She helped me design and stage my casita rental earlier this year. I had been advertising it for rent for weeks but had very few inquiries and none were suitable. After Angela worked her magic and posting new photos on a traveling nurses website, I had 3 great inquiries in one day and the casita was rented to a lovely nurse from Alabama. She thought the casita was so beautiful, it should be featured in Sunset magazine. My next tenant said the same thing and signed up for 3 months within hours of me posting its availability. Recently, she just extended her rental through to the end of the year!

Now I'm converting an upstairs room into a rental suite and Angela is designing and staging the room for me. She's great working with colors and really pays attention to the details. I'm so happy to be working with her!

Debra Whitaker, Willow Glen, CA.

Services: Redesign and DIY staging consultation and "Team-Up" staging.

I enjoyed doing this project with Angie!

She was comfortable to work with, prompt in meeting with me, resourceful in her research and use of technology, had helpful observations, understood my taste, and was sensitive to my budget. I highly recommend her services!

Laura Carroll, Willow Glen, CA.

Services: "Product Selection Services"