Color Consultancy

What is a Color Consultation?

How much time and money have you spent in the past trying to choose the best paint colors for your home?

Color is the most important visible element and is the key to any beautiful design. Get it wrong and nothing in your space will look right. Choosing the right colors for your space is complicated and can be the most challenging part of decorating. A color consultation, carried out by a certified color specialist will provide for you the perfect paint color choices for your space.

As a certified, color consultant, I have undertaken specialist, professional training in selecting colors for your home. I provide you with expert advice applying my skills, creative eye and superior knowledge of color and design to produce for you the perfect color palettes for your space. Unlike many interior designers and decorators who often recommend from a list of "go-to" colors, I assess all of the colors in your space, custom crafting for you unique paint color palettes that work perfectly in your space to enhance your furnishings, fixtures and architectural elements. In addition, I assess the furnishings you already have in the room and make recommendations for items to shop for that would perfectly complete your space.

When our consultation is complete you will have a complete color and design palette with a custom color deck to ensure you know the perfect color choices when shopping for items for your space.

My color expertise and advice will save you time and money, helping you avoid the costly mistake of choosing the wrong colors.

How It Works!

Step One: Schedule your in-home or online video consultation

Call me on 619-736-4407 or send me a message on my contact me page or email me at Let me know a little about your project and we can set up a date for your home color consultation either in your home or by video call. Typically a consultation for one room will take 90- 120 minutes but for more rooms additional time will be required for each room. I can give you a quote and time estimate when you book your consultation.

Step Two: Discovery Questionnaire

I will email you a very quick and easy to complete questionnaire about your project. We will look at this together in your color consultation but it is beneficial to think about what you want to achieve in your space before we meet and my quiz helps you to do that.

Step Three: Your Color Consultation

Your consultation will ideally take place in the space to be decorated but can also be carried out by video call so I can select for you colors that work perfectly with the furnishings, fixtures and architectural elements in the room. The consultation begins with my color discovery and design DNA assessment to further understand your personality and style preferences before I carry out a detailed color analysis of your space and select for you a perfect paint color palette for your entire space, including walls, ceilings, trim, baseboards, doors. In addition, I will make recommendations for additional furnishings that you may like to shop for to beautifully complete your space.

Step Four: Test Your Colors.

Within 72 hours you will receive in the mail large paper paint samples of each color in your palette for you to test the colors in your space. I strongly recommend that you purchase a small sample pot of each paint color and paint a section on each wall in the room to test the color accurately. I will give you detailed instructions on how to do this in our color consultation.

If for any reason you are unsure about th

Step Five: Your Personal Color Palette Folio

Once you have tested your colors and your palette has been finalized I will give you a personal color folio containing small samples of all your palette paint colors to take shopping with you and enabling you to perfectly match your purchases with your new palette colors.

Step Six: Installation

If you would like me to complete your space for you then let's talk some more about my One Day Decorating, Custom Design and Shopping services.

If you would like to know more or to book a Home Color Consultation,

please call me on 619-736-4407 or send me a message

...Can't wait to chat with you!