Custom Design, Decorating & Styling Services

Design, Decorating & Styling Services

Home design can be challenging. Most people buy their home furnishings one or two pieces at a time, often with no conscious design plan and then struggle to make their spaces work. This is especially true when moving house. Often the furnishings we bought for one home don't seem to quite work when moved to the next.

I take a very personal approach to my designs. Using organizational and interior styling techniques to create an environment that is comfortable, stress free, beautiful and personal to you so you “fall in love again” with your home! I use what you already have and love, to transform your home into a space that perfectly reflects your family’s style, needs and comfort. Offering affordable design services to suit all your home design needs .

What is Custom Design, Decorating & Styling?

My design, decorating & styling service is customized to you and your budget! I take a very personal approach and create beautiful, functional and cohesive spaces that are perfectly tailored to your needs, tastes, and desires.

My custom design, decorating & styling service is broken down into four phases to allow me to redesign your home at your pace and within your budget. Pricing includes consultation and design fee, concept boards, purchasing budget for furniture, accessories, and wall art, and the installation fee. All pricing is custom based on the scale of the project.

Phase One -

In-home Design Consultation & Detailed Design Report

I will start with an intensive home design consultation focusing on the room(s) you would like help with, to understand your design goals, style and personality.

Phase Two -

A. Design

I will create your custom home design. Including what you already have and love, cosmetic recommendations such as light fixtures and other furnishing purchases. To help you visualize your space I will put together mood boards which will include suggested furnishings purchases with online product links.

I will review and discuss together my recommendations to finalize the design plan, making any desired changes based on your feedback.

B. Color Consultation

Once the design has been finalized I will assess all of the colors in the space to determine the best paint colors for your walls, ceilings and trim to enhance your new design furnishings, fixtures and architectural elements. You will have a complete color and design palette with a custom color deck to ensure you know the perfect color choices when shopping for items for your space.

Phase Three -


Shopping for recommended purchases can be done together or I can shop for you. See my Product Selection Shopping Service below.

Phase Four -

Install and reveal!

And now the phase I love the most...Installation and the reveal of a space you will love!

Custom Pricing

Remote/Virtual Service Available

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